Macally Lightning Keyboard Review

iPads are replacing laptops, iPhones are replacing laptops. Why have a 13 inch plus weighty device when a tablet or phone will do the things you need? Well that is why peripherals are becoming so big in the iOS market and adjust with what users want from their iPads, etc... So lets jump into this look at a full-sized and full-functioned keyboard from Macally.

We used an iPad Mini for this review but know that because the IKEYLT has a Lightning connector, it will work with iPhones and iPods that have that connection as well.

For us the key for functionality with the iPad is a portable keyboard that can even incorporate into a case so you have little to carry. This doesn't do that, so throwing that wish out of the window, maybe we needed to reconsider our hopes for a keyboard. The Macally full-sized keyboard is about 12.25” wide, 4.5” deep and 0.6” tall. The keyboard’s extra size, makes it easier to make the transition from a normal sized-keyboard to this one but it also makes portability a factor. But it shouldn't make you run because this keyboard boasts more functionality than even Apple's own keyboards, because of its size.

Here is what that extra space gets you: All of the Apple Wireless Keyboard’s keys plus dedicated undo, redo, Euro, Pound and Yen characters, plus .com, .net, .org. and .biz keys.

Macally also threw in a camera aperture-based button that takes a screenshot. All of that plus the typical Home, Lock, Photos app and media control buttons. Yes, these keys aren't necessarily needed but most people will see them as a welcome addition.

Because of its size, we were typing on it like a pro in no time, and in fitting fashion. We actually penned this review with it... Fitting right? The feedback is great, no crunchiness so far, instead a great firm click.

Joining the 37 inch Lightning cable are two small feet that flip out to give you a tad more height. One of the concerns people could have is the power draw from the device as most other devices have on-board batteries and can stand on their own. This Macally offering needs a connection to the device its operating. We haven't a power draw issue, it seemed to be unnoticeable.

The price is lower than pretty much all other iOS keyboards and its size isn't an issue. Be really think that if you can get over the lack of portability, this might be the best option for you.

+ Great build
+ Price
+ Lightning connection
+ Extra keys

- Size
- Lightning connection