Jabra Style Bluetooth Headset Review

The Jabra Style was reviewed by pairing with the Samsung Galaxy S4, which handled all of the "noise making."

First lets start with style, the sleek black and silver combo is very common in bluetooth devices, but the brushed look with few buttons makes this one more approachable to users. One of those buttons is a slide switch for on/off. A welcomed addition because of my hate for the push button/hold down button olympics that are turning some other headsets on and off. I always use the included over-ear gel piece for that extra-secure feeling, this one was also plenty comfortable.

Also, like most blueteeth, it charges with a mirco-USB cable, which by now you have a ton of. That is great because the included cable isn't quite long enough. But you might not need a cable around all of the time because we got about full 2 days of intense use before needing to recharge. And it only takes 2 hours to fully recharge the headset.

Now on to how it works. With many included features the Style has a lot of bang for the bucks. For example, to name a few, there is Auto Volume Adjustment, which automatically adjusts headset audio to your environment so calls are heard clearly. The Style also streams all media from your device. So music, GPS directions, games, etc... all make their way back to the Style from your phone. The music was good, but why would you do that in one ear...?

With devices moving away from Bluetooth and toward NFC and other connections, the Style is NFC ready, but only if your devices are. Bluetooth pairing was fast and easy though, complete with the help of voice prompts from the Style itself. And then finally, a cool feature that may save the day, but Jabra's Assist App will geo-tag the last place that the headset was turned on, with hopes that it will provide location of your car, etc.

The audio is great, both from the mic and from the speaker. There was a little cross-body interference, which means when the phone was in our right pocket and the headset on our left ear, that distance and path created some issues. Even with the device and Style on the same side, the distance created issues occasionally. Probably the biggest issue, but when that isn't the case, the audio quality was superb.

At $50, the feature-filled Jabra is a lot like others in this class. And seems to be priced right. Some small issues, interference being the biggest, could keep users away.

+ Looks good
+ Comfort (for us, this could easily, like always, be a negative)
+ Voice feedback helps you pair and gives battery info
+ Will work with any micro-USB cable
+ Sound quality

- Audio interference when in pockets
- No dedicated charger