TYLT Zumo Portable Battery Pack

Its about the size, not the capacity for the Zumo from TYLT. For $40, the 1500 mAh Zumo only weighs 2.4 ounces. But is there a bang for the buck?

Lets start with design. Its simple and small. Fitting in the palm of your hands, it wont take up much space in your bag, purse or pocket. The four green lights on the front indicate charge in increments of 25%. We reviewed the micro USB option (there is a 30 pin Apple device option for a tad more money ($50)) which has the micro USB output or discharge on one side and the traditional-sized USB to charge the device. 

Those cables are embedded into the device and flex/extend out of the side. The glossy top will, based on where you place it during transit, scratch/scuff up. Not a huge issue, just a notice.

 Now, how does it work? With only 1500 mAh capacity, it was ok. But I will give it this, it does discharge fairly quick. Although it is only a small amount of juice, it charges your devices quickly. BUT, the big but, is it wont charge your newer, larger battery devices, all of the way. My Samsung Galaxy S4 only would get 60%-70% of a charge. 

That is great, but not full. Understanding that TYLT offers larger options, like the PowerPlant (5,200 mAh battery). But the portability here is more of the sale, not the capacity. But at $40, it is priced well as a basic emergency/ it sure would be nice if I had some power, option.

We would find a 30 minute discharge and two hour charge timing. You also get a carabineer and USB extension cable to 
make travel and charging easier.

Here is the video from TYLT:

+ Travels well, size and durability wise
+ Well priced at $40
+ Charges from any USB port
+ Holds charge for a year (still testing)

- Not future proof, batteries will get bigger
- Doesn't charge newer devices all of the way