SteelSeries Flux Ear Bud Review

We love headphones here on the Game & Gadget Grader. They are fun to review because they can be polarizing based on your preferences. So after reading our other headphone reviews, you know what we like around here. SteelSeries sent us the Flux and Flux Pros (review coming) for review. We haven't had ear buds in a little while, so its nice to review these because they are some of the most dynamic and well-priced in-ears we have tried.

The Fluxs are made for all forms of entertainment on all mobile devices, from gaming to phone calls the SteelSeries Flux In-Ear Headset delivers. Using passive noise-canceling by achieving a tight and comfortable, sealed-fit with the three included tip sizes. 

Blocking out the outside noise lets the 6mm dynamic drivers do their work to produce a nice flat sound. You may wonder why flat is a good thing. Well a flat sound out of the box means that EQs on your devices won't have to fight the headset to make changes in bass and treble but rather will react as you ask. Meaning these will be a good choice for ANYONE because they can customize the sound output. 

The 6mm drivers, which are a little smaller than some others on the market are advertised to hit a frequency response range of 20 – 20000 Hz. Everything we tried, spoken word sports talk radio to hip-hop music sounded great and responded well with the FLUX.

A flat tangle-free cable will keep from wasting your time untangling wires after putting these in your pocket. An in-line mic and play/pause controller is also a good addition. We just miss the track control functionality here, it would be nice buy the button is just for answering and ending calls and playing and pausing music on IOS devices.

The microphone is decent, sounds good to the person on the other side, serviceable but the tech in small mics has come a long way and now they all seem to be great these days.

Also included is a velvet-y carrying case to keep everything together. These are our new favorite on-the-go headset because of the dual functionality, tangle-free cable and sound. Great for workouts because of the longer cable and easy to put away size. Plus for just $49.99, they are priced well too.

+ Passive noise-canceling
+ Tangle-free cable
+ Flat sound profile
+ Price

- No in-line track controls