Macally Lightning to USB Cable

Its a cable, but aren't they the most important thing in the world when you need them? Macally saw a need for a long Lightning cable on the market and made multiple lengths of them. Here is a closer look

Really the questions you need to ask yourself are, do I need a longer iPhone 5 or new iPad sync or charge cable and do I have $25 to spare? If you answered yes to either (preferably both) of those questions then take a look at Macally's black 6 footer or even the 10 footer. They are all well built, provides a different look than the traditional white Apple accessories and solves your length issue. Macally also offers a three foot option.
Its double the length of the out of the box cable from Apple and cant be purchased here: We have had some great success with it, traveling, winding it up and further testing its durability.  We recommend it if you need more (length) out of your Lightning cable.

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