Macally Miniaturized Stylus Review

When I first got the Miniaturized Stylus with Earphone Plug from Macally, I was extremely excited. Being a girl, I love how this stylus’s center is made up of tiny, sparkly crystals. This stylus is way different from any of the other styluses I have seen, which are more commonly geared toward men. I also loved the portability factor that it offered. 

I love to stick my iPad in my purse, but I always lose the stylus I stick in there with it. With this stylus though, this problem is no more. It has a clip that you can plug into your headphone jack, that way there is no scrambling around to find it in a hurry. 
The only thing I do not like about this stylus is the fact that they choose to make the attachment from the actual stylus to the headphone jack a rubber spring. 

The real problem is that when carrying around my iPad mini or iPhone with it attached the stylus hangs really low off of it. It also likes to swing pretty severely and occasionally gets stuck on nearby items, especially when pulling my iPad out of my purse. 

Attaching it to the headphone jack also will keep dust and dirt out.

My only other minor complaint is that it is impractical to use this stylus with anything other than a smart phone while it is still attached to your headphone jack. Even with my iPad mini it doesn’t reach down far enough for comfortable use. Overall I still love this stylus.

PROS: + Adorable, fun, girly design
+ Lightweight and Portable
+ Convenient headphone jack storage for on the go use 

- The rubber spring attachment cord occasionally gets caught on things