Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset Review

Ok so maybe the Plantronics BackBeat GOs weren't all that and a bag of chips. But where PT thrives, its in their Voyager line. And according to its name, this new one is stuff of Legends. But is it?

Its a larger and not as compact headset. Some will like that, others will not. But it is not large just for the sake of being huge. The size equals better mic quality, battery life and bluetooth streaming capability.

The Legend is also very well built and comfortable. Comfort in the ear tip department creates an odd feel of a loose audio seal. These are passive noise canceling, but the ear tip could be a tad more snug. There is an included larger ear tip (and a smaller one too) but that didn't do the trick.

While the headset’s ear loop is thick, it provides all of the controls you need within reach. At the loop’s base is a on/off power switch while another switch above it controls volume.

The mic's arm is thinner then the Voyager Pro and has two buttons the arm. First, a Voice key on the bottom and Call button on the tip closest to your ear.

PT's Legend also has senors on the headset, which automatically detect when you remove it from or place it on your ear. It will mute audio or answer calls depending on where the headset is.


Ok, first let me get the only issue I have with the Legend out of the way. What was Plantronics thinking with the new charging adapter. Rather than going with the mobile industry (other than Apple) standard of the micro USB charging port, they give you an extremely short (5-inch) cable that connects to a standard USB wall charger or a computer. But we all know that you have micros all over the place, the office, car and elsewhere around the house. Why the change?

Back to the good, the Legend is complete with three microphones on the arm to improve audio. And you can definitely tell the difference, or if you are talking to someone and switch to the device, they will never tell the difference. Those mics also control volume as part of noise canceling to increase audio quality.

The Voyager Legend also brags with up to 7 hours of talk time and 11 days of standby time.

+ Like other PTs, can say "answer" to answer
+ Comfort
+ Improved noise cancellation and excellent mics
+ Battery life

- Charging.... What?!!?!?!?