BlueAnt Embrace Headphones

We love reviewing headphones because they are very difficult to review. Style is an opinion, fit changes based on head shapes or ear size or flat out preference. And then on top of it all, people hear things differently or prefer bass or clarity or both. In hoping to continue our consistency, here we go again, its the BlueAnt Embrace.

First lets start with the design. One of my points of contention with headphones is comfort. These are basically pillows with speakers in them. Comfort was not and will never be an issue with these. 

Incredible cushioning on the rectangular ear cups conforms to your ears and does two fold, provides comfort for hours and hours but it also seals around your ear to give you the passive noise-canceling effect that so many headphones try to accomplish. The headband, which is often forgotten as a part of the comfort and feel/fit is given the same pillowy cushion as the ear cups. 

As a downside of the pillows, your ears will get hot after a while. But that is much more manageable compared to uncomfortable and hot ear cups!

The band is made of quality-feeling metal that allows the ear cups to rotate flat as to better fit into the included hardish-leather case. That metal looks and feels like it will hold up for years of contorting and adjusting, which is huge.

It's a modern look that doesn't scream for attention from on top of your ears like some others do. The BlueAnt branding is minimal in hopes that these will speak for themselves. We feel like there is a happy place between the subtle and almost not existent style of the Embraces and something that is boisterous and obnoxious. 

These are BlueAnt's first non-Bluetooth headset of any kind. The Embrace are one of the only sets that we have reviewed that seem like all music lovers would enjoy them. The balanced and neutral sound allows production to shine.

Everything is mixed so well. The bass well defined but not over powering, the midrange is clear, but doesn't stand out and the treble is perfect. I like more bass so if that is your thing the Embrace probably isn't going to cut it for you. But I can definitely see where these will cover even the most eclectic of music fans tastes.

Also, the included in-line remote and mic allow you to use this to make phone calls and adjust tracks and volume. 
The calls were clear and the mic was decent, not an issue but not crystal clear. The blue wire, which has the remote and mic is three feet long, perfect for tucking into bags or pockets.

The included pieces also have great quality. The case is a hardish leather that closes around the flattened headset, perfect for backpacks and other bags. Also included is a 3.5mm wire without a remote and mic and an OMTP adapter. 

This makes these headphones and remote compatible with handsets that use the OMTP headset standard, such as the Samsung Galaxy S. 

Overall, build quality is high, comfort is high and flexibility for musically genres make these a great recommendation for pretty much everyone. For BlueAnt's first go at wired headphones we were pleasantly surprised. Maybe would have liked a $150 price point, but that can be seen as more of a marketing, make a splash in the market move.


+ Comfort
+ Balanced sound for all
+ Included extras like the case make the set complete

- Ears get hot after a while, but thats the trade off for comfort
- Price, isn't that always the case. Want quality for less
- Style for me was a little bland