Macally Neoprene iPad Sleeve Review

iPad sleeves are, frankly, a dime a dozen. Just as sleeves got hot when laptops got
hot, once the iPad was introduced every sleeve producer got into the act. And the
price point, as a result, was driven down so it became increasingly hard to say that
one sleeve provided the best balance of performance and price than another.
That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore as Macally has hit a homerun with its
Neoprene Honeycomb Sleeve.

The company describes the sleeve – available only in silver/gray and straight black
– as a “fully-padded durable neoprene sleeve with optimized impact absorption.”
While I’m not sure you would want to test this feature from, say, three feet, the
protection is more than adequate for your basic bumps and bruises.

The interior material promises to be kind to your iPad1 or iPad 2 screens (this one was only for those models…sorry iPad3 users), and the sleeves are pretty sharp looking.

My iPad slipped easily into and out of the sleeve, provided I took it out of its protective shell back and Apple Magic Cover. So it you like your iPad to ride au natural, this sleeve will work for you.

• Lightweight, well padded
• Protects against screen scratching
• Looks good in professional setting or on campus

• Provides very basic protection
• Doesn’t accommodate other protective devices
• Only two available colors.

MSRP: $19.99

Grade: B