Macally RESYNCCABLE Sync Cable

Cables, so simple, right? Well, yeah. They are, but having a cable that can work on both of your device types (for us its perfect because of our Droid Bionic and iPods) and retracts into a self-contained travel friendly piece.

That is what this is all about. It doesn't charge or sync any faster, its not cheaper, its all about convenience and being dynamic. 

I took it on a vacation and rather than having gobs of tangled wires in my bag, I was able to cut it down to one small wound wire... thing.

It is important to remember to pull both sides of this cable at the same time so it will retract and expand, other than that, its pretty straight forward. 

There is a 30 pin attachment to connect to the MicroUSB end, which is nice for cell phones and iPods/iPads and iPhones.

Now for the price... I hate paying a lot for cables (full disclosure, didn't pay for the review unit courtesy of Macally) so $20 for a cable is a lot. Make it retractable and smallish and travel friendly and now we a little closer.

That is my only knock on this simple and all important tool, is that it is a little pricey for my tastes.

MSRP: $19.99

Grade: B-