Verbatim 4GB Clip-it USB Drive Review

The dependability of Verbatim this time comes in an interesting package. Its the Clip-It USB Drive and its very, very tiny. Oh and it clips to stuff.

In its simple form, its a very good USB drive, like Verbatim's other offerings. But the "coolness" factor here is the size. Almost everyone I handed it to, looked at it and said a variation of "Will this fit in my computer?" Not enough of a reason to buy it, I know. But how many times have you lost your flash drive? Ever wish you could put it in your wallet (where I put ours)? 

That is the draw to this one, be able to attach it to folders, yourself, etc... The best part is that it is resistant to dust, water and static discharges, so never fear. Just like our Tuff and Tiny Review, we dropped it in water and let it dry and it still not only worked, but still had the data on it.

Really after that, there isn't much to it. For the $25 price tag, its not to bad. They come in pink, blue, black, green and orange.

The biggest downfall is the size, it comes in JUST 4GB. This has to be on the minds of Verbatim, they must increase the size of these, that is one of the biggest reasons I still love the Tuff and Tiny.

So, again, if feel like you can deal with a small drive. Give this one a look. For me it doesn't make a ton of sense to have something that small. I understand that it will hold into place on most objects, but its not really necessity, more of a novelty.