Seagate GoFlex Hard Drive and GoFlex Net Review

Reviewing hard drives is tougher than it seems. A lot of it is based on ascetics, looks, size, storage amounts and even color. We reviewed the Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex (basic) unit in black. They also offer red, silver and blue. Capacity options include 320 GB, 500 GB (which we have), 750 GB, 1 TB and 1.5 TB. And has USB 2.0 and 3.0 interface options for some models. 
But this offering from SeaGate is more about versatility and connectivity with other devices. A marketing move that I both understand and also leaves me confused. Before I get into the other devices that SeaGate sent for us to play with and truly understand what GoFlex is all about, I will say that the drive itself is sleek, trustworthy and fast. A welcome addition to any digital media based setup. 

The rest of the review, as it should be and as you expect is sheerly my option of the idea and how it works. I preface everything with, all of the things that the additional devices do, they do very well. But I don't see a need for some of it in my situation OR I have other devices that already do these things. A very important thing to consider when looking into this setup.

First the GoFlex Net Media Sharing Device. The idea of the Net is to give you access to your files any where as long as your drive is inserted into the Net. The Net connects to your home or office network and projects your files online for you to grab where ever you are. Its another version of web services that offer similar remote computer access. 
As you can see above, you can insert two drives at once into the Net, which connects using ethernet to your network. Then using the built-in Pogoplug® software functionality, you can access and share files anywhere in the world. You must just log in from any web browser to access to your files at home, the best part is no special software is needed, there are no hidden fees with PogoPlug and it works with any USB storage device, GoFlex or GoFlex Pro ultra-portable drive.

Mobile access was considered as well as it includes free iPhone, Blackberry and Android apps that let you listen to your music, view and upload your pictures and watch your movies. The coolest feature is one for those who take many camera phone pictures as you can upload your pics to your drive on the go from the app.

My thoughts, first off, of the stuff we tried, you can make the biggest argument that one could need this as opposed to the other items I will cover. The feature I used the most was the file sharing because like sites like YouSendit or other dropbox services that only give you so much space, the Net has you just enter an email address to send a link with access to the files or folders you choose to share. Its nice to be able to move large video files around, especially with my multimedia day job.

I have had previous experience with Pogoplug and didn't like it much, seemed too difficult for no reason. And of course I planned on just bypassing the Pogoplug service altogether and treating this like a networked docking station. That would have been something I could really use. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a major hassle to access this device without using either the proprietary Pogoplug website or their desktop access software - and I'm not interested in using either of those methods. All of the access is done through the internet through the Pogoplug website, not directly with the device. Therefore Pogoplug almost owns the access to your data. ME DON'T LIKE.

This is not a network device, nor is it a backup solution for you. Merely a network media manager. So you must really think, "Do I really need my stuff all of the time, everywhere?" Or "Do I have other devices that this stuff could live on, like flashdrives, iPods, iPads, other tablets...etc?" Other than the file sharing, which isn't enough for me to warrant a purchase, I don't see a use for ME.
That doesn't mean this isn't for you. There is enough "hacking" to be done for tech users, but its simple enough for almost everyone. But again, gauge your needs before you buy.

GoFlex Net media sharing device
AC Power Adapter
Ethernet Cable
1–Year Warranty

Hard Drive MSRP:


Hard Drive Grade:

Net Grade:
B- (Works well, just not for me)