Macally Smartmatec iPad 2 Cover Review

Those of you who have read our past reviews of iPad2 cover products will recall how many times I have railed about the lack of effective covers that incorporate the use of Apple’s already brilliant SmartCover.

Like every time I reviewed one.

Not that there aren’t some fab covers out there – we have given two thumbs up to a number of them – but there not being a solid cover that allowed the buyer to use the (already expensive but highly effective) SmartCover was a sore point.

Well, I’m sore no more. In fact, I am in love with Macally’s Smartmatec. Even at an MSRP of $29.99, it’s worth the investment.

We love our iPad2 and are super careful with it, but we all know that can only go so far. Especially if you are on lots of airplanes, airports, hotels, restaurants and, well, all of that travel stuff. The Smartmatec stood up to every test. And it was tested numerous times.

First, as advertised, it works perfectly with our orange SmartCover, allowing that investment to be put to use. The cover folds away, tucks under, rolls into a stand just as it should. And the case’s unique design keeps it firmly in place. Not that I would recommend this, but you could hold your iPad2 by the end of its SmartCover….it just won’t let loose!

Second, every cutout for controls or connections are perfect. From the microphone (didn’t know there was one, now did you?) to the speaker to the headphone plug to the power button, every slot was placed and finished perfectly.

Third, speaking of finish, this product was done well. No flashing, no sharp bits. Everything looked and felt good. A premium look to be sure.

Durability shouldn’t be the fourth concern, but given how many dodgy covers we’ve seen, the other factors clearly delight. The super hard shell (the sample sent to us was clear; there are white and black back options, as well) has met every test with nary a scratch. Now, I did not tie the case to a rope and drag it across a parking lot, but there were numerous opportunities for surface scratching. So far, so great!

Finally, the Smartmatec doesn’t add bulk to our iPad2. One of the cool things about the iPad2 is just how much computing power is crammed into an item barely a quarter of an inch thick. Even with a Smartmatec and SmartCover, the iPad2 should be able to squeeze into any crammed briefcase or backpack.

What Macally Said:

• Available in white, clear or black
• Specially designed to compliment Apple’s SmartCover with enhanced protection for your iPad2
• Securely locks the cover in place and prevents it from detachment
• Open to all connections and controls
• Crystal clear case to display your iPad2 in its original appearance
• Durable hard shell case to provide maximum back protection for your iPad from bumps and scratches.

What We Say:

• Yep. And then some.
• If you love SmartCovers and can’t go without (and who can blame you) this is the case for you.