Kensington Pro Fit™ 2.4 GHz Wireless Desktop Set Review

Our first keyboard and mouse desktop combo! We have finally hit the big time here at TG&GG. Here we have the Pro Fit wireless set from Kensington, a trusted maker of computer accessories. Shall we?

Pro fit, that insinuates that comfort is important here. And indeed it is. The mouse, with its deep thumb rest/cubbyhole will take some getting used to, especially if you are coming from a bland old mouse. But once you do, it is all gravy. The mouse feels like it was molded for your hand, and sure they all say that, but Kensington really put in the time to make this mouse feel personalized by its feel, but not too much so that it didn't work for a vast majority. I can see this not feeling comfortable for those with excessively large or small hands. Some also might say that the mouse is a little big or wide, ummm I kinda agree but its really not that big of an issue.
The wheel, left, right and side triggers are all responsive and placed well on the unit. Now as for the keyboard, there are not a ton of design elements to speak of. Just your traditional multi use keyboard with assignable short cut keys and media controls. And there in lies the problem I have with this, no design inspiration. I am not asking for flame decals on the thing, but black and grey, how original.
I have been using it as a combo set for my laptop, which is connected to my LCD TV. A purpose that Kensington seemed to have in mind. The radius/distance that this set can operate is pretty good. I am good 10 feet away at times from the computer and the USB dongle and there is no interruption in the signal. So, no issues there. 

The keyboard is quietly a "how does it work" superstar. The board feels great and I can't put my finger on why. The keys are soft and responsive and give great feedback. The keys are also laid out in a way that just makes typing feel easier. There is no noticeable change to the layout, no silly divide and bend in the middle, just keys where they are naturally reachable. You will have to try it to see.

Battery life on both is good, always a huge plus. And the mouse is equally comfortable especially in long uses. 

The initial set up was a breeze like most plug and play units nowadays. And according to Kensington, these babies are meant to take spills and drops, but I don't want to test that threshold. Just try to not spill anything around a computer.

Oh, and you get a 5 year warranty.... YAY!


+ Great fit
+ Good wireless distance
+ Decently cheap

- May not appeal to people with large/smaller hands
- Style bland