Kensington PowerBolt Duo Car Charger

Cigar lighters…I mean car chargers, are the new cupholders of today’s vehicles. Just as one would need 12 super-big slots for their Big Gulps, today’s gadget laden driver needs all of the charging stations they can get. How else to keep two cell phones, an iPod, a laptop and a tablet in fighting trim than with 12 charging ports?

Well, cars and SUVs don’t come with that many charging ports. But the fine folks at Kensington have a dual charger that can not only handle two devices at one time, it can handle two different power needs, as well.

The PowerBolt Duo Car Charger allows you to charge two devices simultaneously, and handle one with a 2.1 amp port and another with a 1 amp port. The 2.1 amp port, according to Kensington, can handle an iPad or iPad2, an the 1 amp port is designed for quick charging an iPod or iPhone.

In my tests, I found the iPad charger to be quite adequate. Unfortunately I don’t have an iPhone or a newer model iPod to try the full capability of the charger, but knowing Kensington it should not disappoint.

One thing that bothered me is the packaging doesn’t clearly state that it was designed for use with an iPad or iPad2. I can see many potential buyers skipping right past this device, which would be too bad because it’s a good, reliable unit.

The detachable USB cable can be used for both charging and syncing your devices. The units overall small size makes it easy to stow in any car or truck. And the unit comes with a two-year warranty.

+ Small, easy to store
+ Complete charge kit for all mobile Apple devices
+ Bonus: sync cable

- Hard to find anything wrong here…even the price is good