Cables Unlimited Ps3 Component Cable and HDMI Cable Review

Cables Unlimited out of Concord, California is a wholesale A/V cables and other necessities dealer that has something for everything. Get a new TV or BluRay player for Christmas. Don't spend ungodly amounts of money on cables when these babies will do the same thing with no noticeable difference.

First we will start with the PS3 Component Cable as part of their Hardcore Gaming line of cables and adapters. At $14.99, it is the cheapest cable we could find to do the job. Remember that component will do just 720P and 1080i and this cable is meant only for the Ps3.

At six feet, it is a perfect length for our home theater setups. As another pleasant surprise, all of the connections were really surdy and strong with no sign of issue out of the box or in the future. Big quality at that price is a big positive. The cable/wire is very strong and although its not recommended (everyone does it) wrapping the cable up was not an issue and it unrolled really easily.
Great. We are unable to notice any difference between this set and the Ps3's Sony-branded and far more expensive option. There is not much more to say about them other than for that great price, we highly recommend them for the new Ps3 owner. Obviously we will keep you updated as we continue its use about any wear and tear. As a note, all future Ps3 video game video reviews will be captured through the recently reviewed AVerMedia USB HD DVR using these Cables Unlimited Component cables. So for examples of there output, see the AVerMedia DVR review and any future PS3 game video review.

Now onto the 6ft Hardcore Gaming High Speed HDMI cable.

They look like any other HDMI cable you have seen. Not too much in the way of design, but they are behind your TV, so what does it matter. A strong rubber shielded casing surrounds the goods and keeps them from any form of interference. Again all of the connection points and casings are strong and look to be able to last for some time.
At $24.99, again we are really impressed about what this cable does. We are using it with a DirectTV HD DVR straight to a Sharp Aquos HD TV. We pulled out a far more expensive cable to make room for the Cables Unlimited cable and an honestly say that no one can tell a bit of difference. As you probably know, a HDMI connection is either connected or not (unlike composite or component connections which can be loose and may need some "jiggling" in the socket) so a good gold plated connection is really all you need and these boasts a transfer rate up to 340Mhz or 10.2gbps and eight channel surround sound.

At the price, both of these options are good ones. You may have just opened a HD TV for Christmas or maybe even a Ps3, money is tight this time of year. For the price, both of these cables are a great addition to any setup. And the people are great to deal with, its a smaller company that specializes in AV gadgets of all sorts. Check them out at

+ Incredible prices, price is the biggest draw to these cables
+ Strong build quality at that price point

- Hard to find any, but any time you come off of a more expensive and feature driven cable, keep in mind the price. These are simple and will do the trick.