Amzer Droid X Case Bundle Review

Today we are reviewing the Amzer silicon case and leather pouch combo for the Motorola Droid X. A beast of a phone (in size) would require a beast of a case. In this review I will be going over comparisons to other silicon cases, durability, aesthetics and overall lasting appeal.

The design of this case overall is terrific. Without adding to the massive size of the phone, the Amzer case hugs every one of the weird contours and shape of the Droid X. the corners are slightly elevated on the touch screen side of the case in the event that you drop it in a parking lot and falls screen down. I did do this several times (unfortunately not intentionally) and still have a scratch resistant screen. Minor scuffs on the exterior of the case, but then again this is why we buy these.

Probably my favorite thing about this case is that it covers the feature buttons on the sides of the phone. The volume/media and camera buttons are covered up by this case so if your phone falls in a puddle (again, unintentionally) there is at least a fighting chance that water wont get to the battery (Which it didn't. That dreadfull little water damage sticker remains uncompromised). Even though the buttons are covered by the case, the buttons are very visible due to the design and raised bumps where they reside. At no time have I ever had my volume changed or random pictures taken with the Amzer silicon case.
The last phone I had a silicon case for was the LG Dare. For whatever reason, no matter how many times I washed the case it always felt greasy. Not this Amzer case. The parts of the case that are most in contact with the skin is textured and looks much better than having a whole bunch of fingerprints on it. For lack of a better description, it looks kind of like elephant skin (don't tell PETA).

The kicker with this case is that it also came with a holster for a belt. Its an all-leather, clip on pouch that is big enough (just barely) to still have the silicon case on it. I will say the pouch is very good quality and semi-stylish (not my cup of tea, but could see why others would like it). Personally, I'm not crazy about the metal buckle on it.
So, the overall verdict on the Amzer silicon case (with bonus phone pouch) is definitely worth the investment. The Droid X is not an easy phone to find a good protective case due to its size and shape, but this case fits it perfectly. Great design, quality, affordability (priced around $25) and even appearance make this a must-buy for all Droid X users.



Appearance- A
Durability- A

Overall Lasting Appeal- A

Affordability- A (protecting a $600 phone for $25)