BlueAnt Q2 Bluetooth Headset Review

BlueAnt Wireless is a designer and distributor of Bluetooth devices and accessories, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, and with offices in San Francisco and London. They sent us the NEW Q2 Bluetooth Headset.
Comfort is the key here. The options of small and large ear gels as well as small, medium and large stabilizing ear gels, which allow you to wear the headset without the ear hook. All of those "settings" give you the chance to customize the fit so it is just right. We felt no pressure and discomfort, which was such a welcoming asset.

Beyond that, its a run of the mill bluetooth headset. The Jabra Stone really changed our view on headset design, so its not that this is a bland design on the Q2, it just was a product of timing and circumstance that we weren't blown away. The microphone on the side of the cheek and that bulky feeling is still the industry standard, but we know that can change.

All black with a strong build is also key too. The only down side is the small physical buttons for volume and answer/end. The meshy wire cover over the front is also a subtle and great look.

This thing feels like there is a human in your ear canal talking back to you. It is so cool. You start the transaction with a push of the answer/end button and then you have access to many controls. Battery status, phone commands and tons of other features and options to tweak the experience. Just say "What can I say" and the Q2 will tell you what voice prompted features you can access.

From the option "phone commands" the Q2 will access your device's voice dialing (if you have it) and after a quick import of your contacts, knows your phonebook almost better than you. Just say a name and you are quickly on the phone. You can also dial numbers and answer a call by saying "answer" or ignore by saying "ignore." It really is that obvious and easy. But the guts of the Q2 is what makes this a power user's best friend.

We were craving a speaker that was loud, which has been an issue with other headsets and speakerphones. The 10mm speaker uses automatic gain control and adapts to environmental noise to isolate the sound and amplify it in the headset.

On the flip side, the new Wind Armour Technology™ is there to make sure you can be heard no matter how noisy your surroundings are. BlueAnt claims the Q2 will provide the industry’s best wind noise reduction at up to 22mph. We haven't had any hurricane like winds lately, but can tell you that noisy stores and car travel is no problem for the Q2. You can both hear and be heard very very clearly.

Our favorite feature is the SMS and Email integration with Android and Blackberry devices using the app vlingo. Vlingo is already a staple on many smartphones and will respond to voice cues like "search concert tickets", send a text message to a friend by saying instead of typing and even update your facebook status using your spoken word. But on the Q2 and all of the new BlueAnt devices, vlingo will use its SafeReader feature and read your SMS messages and emails through the device. Of course you can then compose an email right back using vlingo! This match made in heaven takes your hands and eyes off the phone and on the road or computer screen or whatever. Basically, it is a bad ass way to use your smart phone.

The A2DP bluetooth streaming was good too but we experienced some interference issues. It may have also been connectivity issues and are still testing but music on the device streamed great with line of site connection for about 30 feet. Our issues arose when we would stream internet radio (Pandora or Slacker) and had the device in our pocket. The audio would cut out until the device was taken out of the pocket and moved to about waist level, making the solution a belt clip. Not fashion friendly.


- Q2 Earpiece
- Ear hook
- Carry case
- Small and large ear gels
- AC adapter
- USB cable

+ Amazing mic and sound quality
+ SMS and Email compatibility is great through vlingo
+ A2DP Streaming is great
+ Great battery life
+ Text to speech caller ID is spot on
+ Cuts out wind and other environmental sound quite well
+ Great comfort

- Had some disconnect and connectivity issues with A2DP streaming
- A lot of commands to remember
- Small physical controls
- Pricey (aren't things always)

- Power users
- Those who want that extra safety of having texts and emails read while driving or working
- Its the best we have tried, so anyone with deep pockets that needs a great bluetooth headset