v-moda Crossfade LP Review

v-moda, according to their website, "...is the remixed blend of high fashion and high fidelity. The ultimate music experience where sound and design collide, timeless meets progressive, and inspired innovation results in an unmistakable vibe – where music & audio art is fashion, and fashion originates from a dance and rock culture. A lifestyle defined by the sonic sensation of live concerts and club DJs from the Balearic isle of Ibiza, Hollywood, and around the world." They are a high end music lifestyle brand that designs fashion clothing and high-end headphones based in Los Angeles, California.
And they sent us the new Crossfade LP high-definiton over-ear metal headphones.

Sometimes, headphones that are of the over-ear variety look ridiculous and are not fashion friendly. v-moda is a fashion and headphone company, so that takes care of that.

The Crossfades we looked at are the Phantom Chrome, there are four other colors including a super slick looking white pair called White Pearl. The Phantom Chomes, seen below, are a great looking combination of leather and metal.

Comfort is also a huge part of the design. The ear pieces are the most comfortable I have ever felt and the top of your head "bridge" doesn't place any pressure anywhere. Snug yet extremely comfortable. Also, under the bridge, on the part that actually touches the top of your head, there is some really good padding that adds to the feel.

These are some of the most stylish headphones around and that is exactly what the target market, DJs and audiophiles, are looking for. The little arms that connect to the earpieces are my favorite part.

The reinforced kevlar cord just goes with the style and also adds a bit of functionality. It is harder to tangle and with insulate and protect the goodies inside from sharp objects.

Also, koudos to v-moda for not overbranding this pair. The v-moda name is small and on that little "v" shaped metal piece right where the leather meets the metal on the bridge piece.
Well for $250 they better sound good. And mission accomplished. To be clear, I love headphones that are heavy on bass so if you aren't, these might not be up your alley.

First off, using the hairdryer test (something I saw on the internet?!) where you crank up the music from your source and see if the sound will drown out the sound of the running hairdryer that is near your head. The Crossfade LPs aren't noise-canceling headphones but they sure are noise-blocking. The cushioning ear pieces not only are the most comfortable I have ever worn, they also block out sound so much so that I feel like I am in another world.

The CF LPs have an open sound range that seems to lend its self to bassy tunes. These are made for DJs and sound really great with club, techno and hip-hop music. The, at times, overwhelming bass can drown out the mids of alternative, rock and live music.

But everything is pronounced and powerful. Volumes can go up to 11 without any distortion. The well constructed cans can handle loud music and reproduce the music so loud that you won't ever need to go above 75% volume.

The short answer, these are great at producing bass and highs. The mids are there and can be isolated with some EQ work, but the bass can overwhelm so users that are big fans of the BOOM.

Now, there is another aspect to the CF LPs. With an included remote and mic cable, they will work with your cell phone. First lets talk functionality.

Testing the headphones with an iPod Touch 2G, Blackberry Storm 2, two-piece (white) Macbook and a new unibody Macbook Pro we noticed some differences in the abilities and compatibilities of the remote. Now, on the box it tells you what it will and won't work with and our findings held that true.

With the Blackberry Storm 2 we experienced excellent call and mic quality. It can throw you off a little because when you are speaking it (because of the great cushioning on the headphone) can be tough to even hear yourself. Volume buttons don't work but the middle button will answer and end calls just like it is meant to do.

Call quality was top notch and the mic was the best we have tried.

Both the iPod Touch and Macbook Pro enjoyed full functionality. The CF LPs will control iTunes and change tracks, play/pause, control volume and even can serve as a line-in microphone for video and voice chatting and even online gaming. The track and volume controls are so responsive its like the headphones are one step ahead of me. The Macbook is left out of the functions of the remote, but it did recognize the mic and worked great for video and voice chatting.

- Crossfade LP premium over-ear headphones
- 36” remote/mic cable
- 69” stereo audio cable
- 1/4” adapter
- Jet black exoskeleton carrying case with carabiner and cleaning cloth
- One-year V-MODA premier warranty
- Replay Replacement Program – 50% off lifetime discount

- Frequency Response: 5 Hz - 30 kHz
- Impedance: 32 Ohms
- Speaker Driver: patent pending 50mm Dual-Diaphragm High-Definition Driver
- Cables: Kevlar reinforced, 69” stereo audio cable and 36” remote/mic cable
- Plug: 45 degree, 24k gold-plated 3.5 mm (1/8") stereo plug
- Adapter: 3.5mm (1/8") to ¼” adapter included
- Weight: About 10 ounces

+ Bass response and range is incredible
+ In-line mic and controls are ultra responsive
+ Call quality and mic are great
+ The extras (case and cables) are an added bonus
+ Can handle turning them up LOUD

- They are $250
- Bass can wash out other tones
- No noise-canceling, uses "noise-blocking"

- Two words, stylish audiophiles