Thrustmaster Ferrari Motors Gamepad Review

Thrustmaster is a brand under Guillemot Corporation, a French company that designs and manufactures interactive entertainment hardware and accessories. We got a chance to play with their Ferrari branded gamepad.
I love Ferrari. So this is a no brainer. Each is exclusive and numbered for the collectors out there. It will first feel weird in your hand because it is slimmer than most controllers out there, but you will come to like the feel.

Colors and the design on the controller is really nice. This isn't some crayon drawn on logo, its a serious piece of art.
But, as a controller it needs to stick to one thing. These are marketed as being for both PC and Ps3 gaming through the USB connection in the front. There are some many buttons and triggers that they can take some getting used to or they flat get in the way if you are used to a Ps3 controller. For example there is a sliding black ring (optical wheel) around the D-pad. Those with big thumbs will hit and move it when using the left analog stick. It wont do anything because out of the box that isn't mapped to anything on the Ps3. But it will throw off your movements while gaming.

For driving games on PC the extra buttons on the back and the optical wheel provide more options for mapping out buttons and can be very useful.

The buttons and triggers gave great feedback when pressed. There are wireless versions of this controller and we suggest those, especially for the Ps3 user because the USB cable is a little short.

Another great feature for PC gamers is the ability to program on the fly. No CD and no problem. You can remap the buttons by selecting one and picking what you want it to become. Its easy and can be done on both Ps3 and PC. Everything, the buttons, D-pad, optical wheel and
triggers can all be changed. And it will save the settings within the internal memory, which enables users to switch from one configuration to another in just one second. The controller stores all programmed button configurations, even when disconnected.

Oh and did we mention it rumbles. Another cool feature and the rumble is pretty sharp and accurate.



Is it worth it? Well do you need a good PC gaming and in particular a great PC racing controller? Then yes. Otherwise, no. The Ps3 side of this controller is not worth it because the cord is too short and the extra buttons that PC gamers crave will get in the way.

Race on your PC with this one. Just save Gran Turismo for your Ps3 controllers.

+ Ferrari design is nice looking and great for collectors
+ Programing on the fly is easy
+ Great for PC racing games

- USB cord could be longer
- Not a very good Ps3 controller solution


- People who love PC racing games
- Ferrari collectors