Macally BTMouse Review

We have a new grading system. No more out of ten reviews, so to keep up with the "grader" moniker, we are going to actual school style grades.

Now, this is our first mouse review. And its on the Macally BTMouse.
First off, its not the most stylish thing but its not ugly. The BTMouse has a nice size to it so it will fit nicely in most hands. That size also makes it travel friendly and easily stowed in a bag or pocket.

Great use of color, incorporating the black with silver. The Macally logo in the middle is a nice touch and isn't obnoxiously huge.

Our favorite part is how the buttons just blend their way into the design and with the exception of a little slit below the scroll wheel, the two buttons don't stick out like sore thumbs.

The quickness of the mouse will take some getting used to. I was coming from using either the trackpad or an infrafred USB mouse that was slower and choppy. This baby is smooth and will need some getting used to, but the speed is a welcome addition.

Out of the box it comes ready to use with two AAA batteries already installed. All that is left to do is to sync with your computer. We have synced this will a 13" Macbook and a 15" Macbook Pro with absolutely now issues. You can even switch back and forth between two computers without having to re-pair them (the two computers can't be on at the same time, or turn the Bluetooth off on one, you get it.). Just open the Bluetooth preferences and register the device like you would any other BT device.

A 800dpi sensor was the reason for that quickness, but we got used to it. The accuracy from the sensor is well worth the getting used to. Each movement is spot on and feels natural, almost like the pointer is really an extension of my hand.

The BTMouse tracks really well on ever surface. Carpet, couch, marble counter, wood table and my leg all provided great response. Like many mice, glass was an issue and gave us some jumpy movements.

The scroll wheel isn't really what I would call smooth, but it isn't loud at all. The mouse buttons are very good, not easy to "mis-click", but very easy to click generally. The feedback is great.

As for range, the mouse will respond without any choppiness from around 20 feet away, which makes it perfect for a living room if you have your TV as a computer monitor. We reached 25 feet before we noticed a little interference and lag.

AAA batteries are the power supply for the BTMouse. We have been using it continuously(turning it off when not in use), for two weeks and as you would expect, still have juice. Its hard to tell when the batteries will die, so we suggest getting some rechargables and having another pair ready.

We really liked this one. It is a cost effective solution to your wireless mouse problems. The Bluetooth technology has come light years over the past few years and now is a common wireless communication medium. There are some that are less expensive but there are many that are much much more.



+ Syncs very easily
+ Great feedback from click buttons and scroll wheel
+ Smallish
+ 800 dpi sensor is spot on
+ Lightweight and travel friendly

- Requires AAA batteries
- The speed of the mouse can take some getting used to
- Not overly stylish

- People who need the dependability of Bluetooth connectivity on the go
- 800 dpi sensor can lend its self to gaming
- Someone looking for a cheaper option than the Apple Magic Mouse or other expensive mice