Macally Bookshell Pro 2 and Iceshell Review

The ShellBookPro 2 and IceShell are both from Macally. The SBP is a black leatherette snap-on cover for a MacBook Pro, while the IS is a clear heavy gauge plastic cover.

These being laptop covers, there’s a not a lot of design to discuss. The IS is designed more to prevent impact damage. It has ample slots to allow easy access to the DVD drive and ports. The base is slotted on the bottom for air flow, and rubber pads in each corner for grip.

The SBP needs no such grip help. The black leatherette cover also has ample openings for ports and the DVD drive, but no slots underneath for air flow. But the SBP may only offer minor protection in a accidental drop of the old laptop.
How Did It Work:
We used both for a few days each to get a feel for them under typical household and work use. Both did a great job protecting the outside of our MacBook Pros (one 13-inch and one 15-inch). Both are really easy to install and remove, even without reading the instructions.

The top and bottom simply snap into place. The IS is plastic, so it does scratch and shows them easily. We preferred the leather look; it is much more elegant and professional looking. And it is tough: it stood up to intentional attempts to scratch it with a thumbnail. But the screen can only tilt back so far, unlike the IS which didn’t seem to restrict screen tilt at all.

- Two piece snap-on protective clear case
- Specially designed for your new 13” Aluminum MacBook
- Access to all ports and sensors
- Protects against dust and scratches
- Ventilated rear to minimize heat built-up

BookShellPro 2:
- Two piece snap-on protective leather case
- Specially designed for your new 15-inch aluminum MacBook Pro
- Access to all ports and sensors
- Ventilated rear to minimize heat built-up
- Suede inner lining to prevent scratches to your MacBook Pro
- The product uses imitation leather.

What’s in the Box?:
The cover top and bottom and instructions.

Both are $29.99

+ Though not a 100% solution (what is), the IS protects more against drops than the SBP. On the other hand, the SBP is more stylish.
+ Easy to install and remove
+ Durable materials on both

- IS surface scratches easy
- While both are about the same thickness, the IS seems to add bulk to the laptops. The SBP also adds a little bulk, but it doesn’t seem to be as much.
- No airflow slots on the SBP

This is Meant For...:
- Laptop users who either want another level of protection for their investment (both) or simply want a cool look for their MacBook Pro
IceShell B-
BookShellPro 2 B+