Targus Mobile Laptop Charger Review

Targus is really friendly to the business and leisure travelers with their Mobile Laptop Charger. This charger splits in two so you may power up two devices at once. Not only can you charge two at one time, Targus gives you tons of different (eight for laptops and one mini-USB) tips that go on the end. This allows you to customize this charger and always have a way to charge your devices.

Then, if that wasn't enough the Mobile Laptop Charger also comes with the Tips from Targus Program which supplies users with free tips for your 2nd laptop and/or cell phone and free tips for future laptops and cell phones so the charger remains compatible with your devices. Of course, shipping and handling fees apply.
I think the sexiest part of this charger is the rectangular box right before the cord splits. Not sure why, but it is very sleek and actually worked well in my car (2009 Subaru Legacy). The cable is a little long but a twist tie will manage that excess.

Also, sometimes the tips wouldn't charge the device and would come loose. Some moving around of the connection is all you need to fix that, but that can be bad news if you look down and the phone that was supposed to be charging is dead. That didn't happen to us, but I could see that happening without keeping a watchful eye.

On the good side, the charge was noticeably faster than most car chargers.

These are from Targus' website
Functionality - Power or charge two items simultaneously in the car with the same adapter
Convenience - Compatible with leading laptop manufactures; Includes 8 tips for laptops, one mini-USB tip for cell phones. Tips from Targus Program gives free additional tips to make sure your devices are covered
Eco-Friendly - 60% less materials are used to build this product; One charger can be used to power or charge everything by changing the tip
Compliance - Power solution supports over 95% of the laptops on the market and the most popular personal electronic devices
RoHS Compliant - Yes


We tested the charger with the iPod and micro-USB connection for the Storm 2 that you always read about. There is no Mac laptop tip as of now, but those with PC based computers are in luck, just check this site for the listings.

Not a big fan of the fact that there is no adapter for the Mac laptops, but the magnetic tech associated with the Macbook (Pros) might have something to do with that. Also, remember the troubles we had with those tips and their connection to the device.

The ability to change tips for your PC based laptops is a great thing, but why offer so many? Maybe cut some of that price out and allow the user to pick the tips they need (we have nine tips sitting around that will not be used).

As I just said, we think that $70 is a little pricey for what really is just a double car charger for different devices.

The idea is a good one. This would be great for a business that has different computers and has employees on the road a lot. But for the single consumer that has one particular computer, a single tip would cut some of the price out.


+ Can charge multiple devices
+ The Tips program allows you to get additional tips for just a S&H charge
+ Charge is quicker than most car chargers

- Pricey
- Connections can be weak
- Do you really need eight tips?
- Should give users chance to pick just the tips they need initially