Marware Microshell iPod Touch 2G Review

Marware, Inc. is an independently owned U.S. based corporation located in Hollywood, Florida. Their primary focus is designing and producing accessories for the Apple, Amazon Kindle and mobile electronics markets. Along with designing cases and accessories, they also develop software applications for the Mac and iPhone.
Rather than going with the grippy case, the Microshell picks style and sleek over battering ram.
This MicroShell case provides
low-profile protection, less than 1mm in thickness. With five color options (black, blue, red, pink and white), the case gives you some choices of the beatiful metallic finish. Rather than the ribbed look of some others, this one is smooth to the touch and it still provides an unobtrusive view of the screen.

It artistically avoids blocking any of the ports or buttons. The angles and edges are smooth and clean. Really, it seems like a slim cradle that fits the iPod perfectly.

We tried scratching it... No go. The case is made of some surprisingly tough stuff that even feels slightly rubbery. And that's a good thing. Obviously, the screen is still left vulnerable, but that is not what this case is for. This one is meant to cover the four corners, or the contact points (the areas that are likely to hit when dropped or dragged).

We tried to bend it and apply some pressure and it hardly moved. Pretty impressive for a sleek and slim case.

But again, style is the winner here. The case covers the edges but not the top or bottom. The four corners are holstered in, but we are still worried about how much of the screen is available and the top and bottom chrome pieces are fully exposed.

Now it does come with a screen protector, but the way the case is cut, it will put a lot of pressure on that screen protector to hold its own.


We like the look a lot. The best looking case we have seen yet. But, the protection is lacking compared to other silicone-based skins/cases.

Do not put this in a bag with just the Microshell on. That's just us talking, we like to take extra measures to ensure safety. The screen is left open to scratching. Pocket is perfect, and even better for bag/purse travel is another fabric case or holder to protect the screen a little more.

Some might say that the $25 price tag is a little steep. But, you get a free screen protector and cleaning cloth to sweeten the deal.

Style over safety here. If you like the look and have other means to protect your impact areas and the screen, then go for it. If you want a case for protection only, look else where. But, man is this thing good looking!