Macally Powerlink 3 in 1 Battery Pack, Data Sync and Flash Drive Review

This is Macally's answer to your battery problem. Talk too much? We all do. Let your iPod run low? No fear, here is the Powerlink, a battery pack, data sync and flash drive all in one.
Its a small, slightly fatter than a flash drive, device. This is perfect for what it is meant to do and that is everything. It, for all intents and purposes, will take the place of your charger, data cable and flash drive. And in this tech world, consolidation is king.

A sleek-rounded edge look has it welcome in any pocket and desktop.

The PowerLink measures 2 5/8" x 1" x 1/2" and is made of black plastic. It has 2 plastic caps, one at each end to cover the USB and iPod connectors.

Great. But lets get this clear, it does not charge your iPhone/iPod. It holds a charge itself and acts as an external battery. Macally says you will get an hour of talk time out of it. We got two and a half hours of iPod use from it before it died.

This is great for iPhone users that are on the go a lot. This little baby will give you the juice to make that desperation phone call.

You first must charge the Powerlink so it can provide that power. Just plug it up to your computer and give it about three hours. The LED lights on the front will signal that it is ready for the task.

As for the other tricks it does, the data cable feature is nice. It allows you to connect your iPhone/iPod to a computer to sync or charge without carrying around that cable. The only issue is that when the device is connected in the USB slot the weight of it hanging there is bad for the computer, Powerlink and the device. So to counteract that, there is a short USB male-female cable to provide the slack.

The Powerlink will also hold 2GB of data on top of all of the other things it can do. Not a deal maker or breaker, but it just makes sense and is a great use of the device. For us it was the unsung hero of features.

PowerLink, USB female extension cable, User's Guide


If you have an iPhone, you need this. The batteries on those beasts can be easily worn out and having the extra power to make a phone call can be huge. Considering the iPhone and iPod doesn't allow for an external battery, this is a great lifesaver.

The biggest drawback of the PowerLink is that it loses its charge overtime. So you can't just load it up and throw it in your bag or car for emergencies.

Some people have issues with the length of charge that it provides. But its enough to make the calls you need or keep your iPod playing. THIS WILL NOT TAKE THE PLACE OF YOUR CAR OR WALL CHARGER.

I said above that it takes the place physically of your charger, but that was to reference the things it does. It will not provide the same charge or power that a true car charger will. But in a tight spot, this will save your butt.

People may expect too much out of the Powerlink. If need an email or to make a call and your iPhone is done, or need to hear a song and your iPod is toast, this device will provide the power you need (for a short period of time, not for days and days) to accomplish what seemed like a feat. What until you have a make or break moment and the Powerlink saves your job presentation or even your life, and then see if you are thanking that little digital Swiss Army Knife.