Macally mSuit iPod Touch Case Review

Just another silicon iPod case/skin? Not so fast, its lightweight and the ribbed back of the Macally mSuit iPod Touch case provides a lot of grip for your 3rd generation iPod Touch.
They come in three colors, white, black and clear. And the best news, you get all three. Color is not the big issue here, the design is great. A snug fit that protects the edges of your iPod from danger.

All of the connections have appropriate sized cutouts on the case. Not to big, not to small, its actually just perfect. That may sound like an easy task for case/skin manufacturers. Its not, we have seen some that won't allow you to charge the iPod while the case is on...

The ribbed design on the back is a clincher for me. It provides an incredible amount of grip and protection. You can put it in your car and rely on the case to hold the iPod from sliding around. Plus the case feels strong and like it can take some beating.

You get all three for $29.99

Its a deal, if you need three. Have friends that want to pitch in then this is a great deal. One is durable enough to last you quite some time, so three seems like overkill if you need a single case. If you, like us, needed three for multiple people, than there are not many better deals out there for a mix of quality and quantity.

Its a steep price for just one, if thats all you need. But the ribbed design and snug fit have us wanting more. And luckily, there are three to go around.