BodyGuardz for Blackberry Storm 2 Review

BodyGuardz, a product of NLU Products in Bluffdale, UT, is a scratch-resistant skin for all of your devices. iPods, iPads, iPhones, Macbooks, HTC and many other phones, PSP, Nintendo DS, GPS units, the Amazon Kindle and many other devices.

Check the list on their website. Best of all, they over a lifetime replacements for the device you purchased the skin for. We reviewed the complete body skin for the Blackberry 9550 Storm 2.
The complete skin that we got covered every nook and cranny that you can think of. Its optically clear and, if you install it right and avoid the fingerprints and haze, easy to see right through and maintain functionality of your device.

Upon installation we had a little haze and some marks from the squeegee, but that went away after about 12 hours.

The biggest redeeming factor for BodyGuardz is the fact that you will receive unparalleled protection and functionality and you won't even be to tell that your device has the skin on. Its freaky good and like a ghost. Look hard enough and you will see the edges, so what. Your screen is clear and free of scratches, the edges and back of my phone were fully protected and that is a good piece of mind, especially since I put my phone case-less in my pocket with keys!

I didn't drag my phone across the ground like this video.

But, simple use and pocketing of the phone will often scratch the screen and edges. Not here and not anymore. The film/skin is made of some serious stuff. Its not a sticker, where its basically paper covering one of the most important gadgets you use.

According to their site,
BodyGuardz is made of the same material that is used to protect the front of automobiles from rocks and other elements. It is tough and durable, and you will never have to worry about your device getting scratched again.

Well, much like sticker-based skins, its can be difficult if you weren't very good at Operation as a kid.

Luckily, BodyGuardz gives you a squeegee to flatten and push out air bubbles. Not only that, an Application Solution that comes with the skin (basically water and baby shampoo, it smells nice) provides lubrication during installation. This gives you the ability to move the skin after its on for the perfect fit.

It was tough to put on. The corners of the phone would overlap with pieces from the top and bottom and would then have to lay on top of each other, making the skin a little more pronounced in certain areas. After trying to remove bubbles, the front screen skin got especially beaten up.

And of course, the Storm 2 is a touch screen. Which means that the screen cover needs to be good. After I put it on the screen started doing weird things. I would touch the bottom of the screen and the top would respond (try and click the phone option and the clock would come up). It also wouldn't let me scroll down or up.

So I took off the front screen and started over and it was fine. I was worried that it was the Application Solution, but I am not sure what it was.

But best of all, the set we received had not one but two skin sets so you can protect a second phone, etc... or if you mess up, do it all over again.

Complete skin- $24.95
Screen only- $14.95


Do you hate it when you drop your phone or scratch the screen? Well take matters into your own hands and hire a BodyGuard(z). This little guy has saved my screen from some impending doom and I have had it for a week. It was a rough week.

Only gripe, like things of this nature it is hard to install and can put your phone out of commission for some period of time (its says to not power on your device for 12 hours!). Of course that is for safety and to make sure you don't destroy your machine.

But, safety and protection isn't easy, but it is cheap. For two complete skins, get the complete skin set and share the wealth with a friend. Or save it for yourself. But remember, lifetime warranty from BodyGuardz has your back, front, sides and screen all covered.

+ If you get the complete set, you get two complete skins
+ Durable material
+ Application solution is forgiving and aids in application of skin

- Tough to put on
- May take some adjusting with touch screens