Belkin vs Targus: Battle of the Laptop Slip Sleeves

Targus 13.3" Slipskin Peel Laptop Sleeve Specs:
A lightweight sleeve designed to protect laptop from scratches and dust
Can be used on its own or slipped inside another bag
Fits laptops with 13.3” screens
Constructed of neoprene material
Color- Black/Blue Accents
Device Compatibility- 12.48" x 1.65" x 9.65"
Exterior Dimensions- 13.35” x .80” x 10.75”
Exterior Material- Neoprene
Warranty- Limited Lifetime Warranty
Weight- .82 lbs
Price- $29.99
Belkin 14" Neoprene Laptop Sleeve Specs:
High-grade neoprene fabric
Sturdy metallic zipper pulls with molded, grip material
360 degree foam padding offers protection for notebook

Color- Jet/Cabernet
Device Compatibility- Laptops up to 14"
Exterior Dimensions- 10.8" x 14.2" x 1.25"
Exterior Material- Neoprene
Warranty- Lifetime Warranty
Weight- Unknown
Price- $29.99
You have all seen laptop sleeves before. These are both very good and inexpensive ways to protect your computer.

Neither one is, from what we can tell, better than the other. Its about preferences.

The Belkin sleeve is slightly bigger, but because we can't think of any 14" laptops, both will fit your 13" laptop. The Belkin also opens wider, allowing you to slide your laptop in easier.

The Targus sleeve has the same neoprene material inside that it does outside. Belkin choose to use a felty-feeling material to protect from scratches on the inside.

Design points go to Targus for better use of the colored accents. But the wider opening and two zippers gives Belkin a slight leg up in functionality. Both have a similar foam material that provides the protection. Short of continuously dropping my Macbook until one wins, its safe to say that these are both equally safe.

But make no mistake, each of these sleeves is a great mixture of protection and price. $30 to keep your laptop save and scratch free is a great deal.

Either one is a good choice. There are other colors. The Targus sleeve also comes in black with orange accents. While Belkin offers a chocolate brown and light blue option.

We can't find anything wrong with either. No extra frills and can easily fit in a bag or inside of another case/sleeve.