Belkin Cooling Pad Review

Compton, California is where Belkin is headquartered and this fan is "Comin' Straight Outta Compton." I'm sure they have heard that one before, but Belkin is one of the biggest and best third-party Apple accessories providers around.
This time though, we got to play with a universally-compatible laptop cooling fan that is so good, you can almost replace your ceiling fan with it.
Strong plastic supports your laptop but the rubber grips are weak and don't grab the bottom that well. Also the noise. Sometimes there is a noise from the fan. Not sure why it happens, but it can sometimes be annoying.

This was another product that looks good, even in the packaging. We got the white one, and paired with the white Macbook, it blends right in and is at home under the computer. Unlike the Macally TuneFan, which is bigger because it is so much more than just a fan, the Belkin Cooling Pad is thin, sleek and made to travel in your laptop bag.

It runs off USB power provided by the computer, and normally the cable is too long and gets in the way. Belkin came up with a cord management canal to tuck the excess in under the fan. This also helps with transporting the fan.

The rubber grips on the top are not overly-pronounced to maintain the sleekness of the unit. And the Airflow Wing is both functional and good looking.

Amazing... Flat-out amazing. The fan is smaller than many, but packs a wallop. We tested the fan during the rigorous process of editing and uploading video. Normally a task that will increase the temperature of my Macbook by 10-15 degrees easy. After 10 minutes with the fan and laptop plugged in, the fan cooled the bottom of the laptop's enclosure by six degrees and maintained that temperature for the length of the editing and uploading process. That is amazing. I have never felt the bottom of my laptop that unhot!

Okay so the fan may be one of the best on the market, (according to Belkin's website, the Cooling Pad is the best "Independent third-party testing of cooling performance done by NTS Testing and Engineering Services. Testing measured laptop temperature before and after 20 minutes of operation with cooling-pad products. Testing included the Belkin Cooling Pad and top cooling-pad products in terms of market share in the United States as of October 2009.") but the grips on top of the fan aren't very trustworthy. The Macbook would slide all over the place on this pad. Therefore, because the fan is just too good, use this on a desk or other already trusty flat surfaces.

It was also decently comfortable on the lap while on the couch or in bed. The coolness produced by the fan also felt good on my legs. Again, I know too much information, but hey its a review. It could have contoured to a lap a little more, but it wasn't too bad.

The Airflow Wing, although its hard to evaluate its impact on the cooling, its easy to tell that it props the laptop into prime screen and keyboard height and incline.

Also, the power demanded by the fan was surprisingly minimal. Noticeable, but not nearly as much as you would expect from a fan that produces these results.

-Patent-pending Airflow Wing for better cooling and quieter operation
-Patented wave design enhances cooling capabilities
-Smart Convection design for optimum air circulation allows hot air to flow up and away from heat source
-Optimal fan location directly under CPU to pull heat away at the source
-USB cable included to power cooling pad
-Convenient storage compartment for USB cable when not in use
-Gentle slope for improved typing comfort and reduced wrist strain
-Raised screen height to help reduce neck strain
-Fits conveniently inside a laptop bag
-Grip pads to prevent laptop from slipping


Get this. For $30 this is an incredible deal. It produces so much "cool for the buck" that its ridiculous.

The lack of tackiness on the top of the pad is bothersome and sometimes to noise can be annoying. But the positives of cooling, price and transportability outweigh the noise and slippery top.