Amzer Blackberry Storm 2 Cases Review

We got two cases from Amzer. The first is the Amzer
Silicone Skin Jelly Case.
The other is the Aluminum Silver Case.
Both are snazzy looking cases for the Blackberry Storm 2. The Jelly case is a traditional
silicone (and I don't need to explain the pros/cons of this kind of case) covered soft case that slides over the four corners of the Storm 2. The silicone is a little more tough than some rubbery cases and provides some more protection. One gripe is that the case has some imperfections in the cutouts (lifted silicone and rippled) but the cutouts and button covers are all in the perfect spot with no excess gaps.

The aluminum case is heavy duty, more on the heavy side. It more than doubles the weight of the phone. But for a case that is meant to protect the phone, that is an acceptable trait. There is a swinging door that holds your phone in as opposed to the traditional snap together bodysuit style cases. I like this, except for the hinges that are on the left side of the case. They have to be there to make the case work, but they are an eye sore and protrude off the case.

A belt clip adapter comes with the aluminum case. It works well but remember that the case is heavy and should not be trusted on the belt clip on a pair of loose fitting pants!

After using these for a while they both have held up well, providing protection in their unique ways. The silver case can take a beating and the silicone case is grippy on inclined surfaces just like you would expect.

Jelly case- $8.95
Aluminum case- $24.95

The jelly has a great price and is offered in many different colors. Some we have never seen in a
silicone case before. Some of them have minor imperfections around the cutouts, but not too noticeable. That is a great option for people who enjoy the jelly-style case. And for that price, um yeah, highly-consider this one.

As for the aluminum case. $25 bucks is not all that much for a phone case. Heck, some places charge that much for a silicone case! Ascetically, its different. The hinge is often an eye sore. But in terms of protecting your phone, its a rough, tough, drop protecting machine.