Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence DLC Announced

Because one "map pack" is not enough. And because Battlefield Bad Company 2 has been so successful. Oh, and because Activision and Infinity Ward are like Jesse James and Sandra Bullock (feel free to hypothesize which is which).

Activision has decided to green light the next installment in the DLC wars. The "Resurgence" pack will contain a mix of maps, some new, some not so new. If you thought $15 dollars was too much.... WRONG. The first pack, aptly named the "Stimulus Package", sold over 2.5 million units.

So, that obviously will yield a second round of refreshments to the haggard MW2 player who knows all of the best places to snipe and hide. New maps that Activision hopes will bring new light to the successful franchise in one of its darker (corporate) times. According to Kotaku:

"The old maps are Vacant and Strike, while the new maps are called Trailer Park (a tight, constrained map), Carnival (a big fairground) and Fuel (a sniper's paradise).

The Resurgence pack launches June 3 for Xbox 360, while PC and PS3 owners will have to sit tight for further details on their respective launches."